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"Shotgun Tom" Kelly Gets His Star!

(Photo by Britt Bickel/K-EARTH 101)

On April 30, 2013, legendary radio DJ "Shotgun Tom" Kelly received his Star, at the corner of Hollywood & LaBrea, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! You can watch the entire ceremony on the Walk of Fame's website.

Listen to the report from Diane Thompson at KNX, and the report from John Rabe of "Offramp" on KPCC.

Read the story from Diane Bell at the San Diego Union Tribune.  read more »

"Shotgun Tom" Kelly Named 2013 Honoree For Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Congratulations to "Shotgun Tom" Kelly, who has been named as a 2013 recipient for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Watch the video report, from CBS 8 in San Diego below. Columnist Diane Bell also covered the honor in the San Diego Union Tribune, Shotgun's hometown newspaper:

"Radio personality "Shotgun Tom" Kelly is about to have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The K-Earth101 FM show host was among honorees for 2013 announced Thursday. Kelly says he is both honored and humbled to join such luminaries as film’s Javier Bardem, Ron Howard and Helen Mirren, TV’s Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Lynch and Matthew Perry and singers Jennifer Hudson, Janis Joplin and Usher, who also will get stars. A graduate of Mount Miguel High School and former S.D. radio DJ, Kelly still calls El Cajon home and commutes to Los Angeles weekly. The unveiling of his star will be next year."

San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 - cbs8.com

Listen to audio from K-EARTH 101 in Los Angeles:

A listener was watching KABC 7 TV News and called in on the "Shotgun Tom" Kelly show a 5:15pm on Friday 6-22-12

The Johnny Mann Singers Hollywood Walk of Fame Jingle with weather at 3:35pm on Friday 6-22-12

The interview on KNX at 2:20pm on Friday 6-22-12

The Top of the Hour open on K-Earth 101 at 3pm Friday 6-22-12

Stevie Wonder's everlasting friendship with "Shotgun Tom"

(from left to right) "Shotgun Tom's" wife Linda, daughter Melanie, Stevie Wonder, "Shotgun Tom" Kelly.

When "Shotgun Tom's" daughter Melanie graduated from SDSU, Stevie Wonder did something very special for her. Listen to the whole story!

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Radio: KRTH's 'Shotgun' Tom Kelly is a link to the heyday of top-40

From The Los Angeles Daily News
By Richard Wagoner, Radio Columnist

I've been a radio nerd since a very young age. I've shared many times the story of my Aunt Ina giving me my first transistor radio -- a Realtone 10 -- and being hooked ever since.

A funny thing, though: Even though I am a fanatic regarding the top-40 days of KHJ (930 AM), in the 1970s I'd often find myself listening to more distant stations. KEZY in Anaheim, for example. And KCBQ in San Diego.

I loved KCBQ. I loved the jingles, I loved the personalities, I loved the song battles when the station would play the "champion," followed by the "challenger," and while a third song would play listeners would call in and vote for their favorite.

The winner would be played again and the cycle would repeat. Simon & Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence" won the whole thing the time I listened all the way through years ago.

Of course, KHJ had all of this as well. But perhaps the novelty of distance helped make KCBQ "my" station. I actually knew of no one else who listened where I lived in San Pedro, but that didn't stop me from posting the KCBQ Monday night top 10 on the chalkboard in the garage. And I listened through the weird split-second, periodic bursts of interference that occurred on AM during the mid-1970s, still unexplained to me.  read more »

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